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10 December 2008 @ 11:56 am
ok, bonniebix has already made a post about this once, so this is the final warning as it's now on the user info page for the community. i also realize some of you may not have realized that you have the ability to tag yourself since when i was going through and adding them to begin with, but now you can.

tag your entries or they will be deleted.

and a couple random clarifications:
-'media: scans' should be only used for picture posts where dimensions are greater than 1000px
-if more than one tag applies to a post, use all applicable tags (ex. screencaps and a video in the same post should have a 'media: pictures, media: video' tag
-lyrics in kanji/romaji get the lyrics tag, english gets translation. if you have both, use both tags

i understand forgetting, i've done it too, but i've had to comment on way too many entries lately. posts will be deletd if they're not tagged within 24 hours of getting a notice.

now. for another couple of modly announcements and reminders, as well as something of a project. :D

lj cut. learn it, love it. especially if you have more than 2 or 3 pictures, a ton of text, lyrics, or links in your posts. same warning as tags applies.

advertising of your own community/site/forum/&tc. is fine, but please don't do so excessively. posting an entry with 'download here!' that links to a locked journal/community/forum is considered advertising and is generally just annoying.

to keep everything in one place, project info will be on the next entry. ^^
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☆воппiе♪☆bonniebix on December 11th, 2008 04:12 am (UTC)
Hey if you want to revamp the info with any of this stuff, feel free =)