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feel the fate   w-inds. community @ livejournalwelcome to feel the fate, the largest w-inds. community on livejournal. it was created back in 2004 by bonniebix and is currently run by shinigamitabris and chychaai. it's a pretty friendly bunch here, with fans from all over the world. everyone is welcome to post and share, and a lot of good information can be found in amongst all the posts. please be sure to read the rules below and hop on in!

you can also follow mod updates on twitter at @systemofalive.
w-inds. are

Chiba Ryohei  千葉涼平
w-inds. dance, chorus, rap
born 1984.nov.18 sapporo
Ogata Ryuichi  緒方龍一
w-inds. dance, chorus, rap
born 1985.dec.17 sapporo
Tachibana Keita  橘 慶太
w-inds. lead vocals
born 1985.dec.16 fukuoka
• keep it clean. if you suspect it might be tmi, it probably is. fanfic is okay but would probably be more appreciated in one of the many fic communities.
• no personal entries. we don't need to hear that your best friend's neighbor's brother thought ryuichi was a girl. post it in your own lj.
• no bashing any member of w-inds.,their families, their crew, their staff, or other community members. this goes for entries as well as comments.
tag your entries. read and understand how and what to tag with before making any entries. if you're unsure, ask. we don't bite. untagged or incorrectly tagged entries will be warned and will be deleted if not fixed within 24 hours.
• lj-cut. learn it, love it. this goes for any entry with more than 2 or 3 pics, images over 400px wide, tons of text, or things that could be considered spoilers. same rule as tags applies.
• all posts containing or linking to downloadable media (ie. music or video) must be locked to community members only.
• advertising of your own community/site/forum/&tc. is fine, but please don't do so excessively. posting an entry with 'download here!' that links to a journal/community/forum is considered advertising and is only allowed if it is not locked.
• requests are okay, but please check super☆lover before doing so, especially if it is for images, pvs, or audio. you'll most likely get directed there anyways.
• for even more goodies, check out the link archive. additions are always welcome.
layout and userinfo coding and image scans by shinigamitabris
layout banner from the 2009.01 issue of junon, userinfo banner from the w-inds. meets junon 2 photobook

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